Summer Training Program| Javascript Workshop

Recently I attended a two-day workshop on JavaScript conducted by LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd delivered by the world record holder Vimal Daga sir. It is a great opportunity, by which I learned a lot of new concepts.

The concepts which are taught in the workshops are as follows:
◼ Introduction to Javascript
◼ BOM — Browser object model
◼ DOM — document object model
◼ Text to voice conversion
◼ Conditions and Loop in Javascript
◼ Integration of javascript with HTML and CSS
◼ Introduction to frontend and backend
◼ JS Synchronous and Asynchronous

Thank you Vimal Daga Sir, Preeti Chandak ma’am, and LinuxWorld India for providing this great opportunity to learn.




Python Enthusiast

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Ajmal Muhammed

Ajmal Muhammed

Python Enthusiast

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