Expert Session on Industry Use Case of Kubernetes and RedHat OpenShift

On 1st March 2021, LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd had organized an expert session on “Industry use-cases of Openshift and Kubernetes”

The main objective of this expert session was about the awareness of how Kubernetes is used in the real-world and how industries use OpenShift to solve the challenges that come with Kubernetes.

Speakers of this event are:

Mr. Amel Mathai (Technical Delivery Manager, RedHat Training)

Mr. Daleep Bais (Senior Technical Instructor, RedHat Technologies)

Here are some of the concepts that I learned through this session

👉 Containers are like a box on which the OSs are running and in which only the required resources are installed. Docker is an example of container technology

👉 Kubernetes is another service that can be used to manage the container which is used to automate the deployment, scaling, and manages containerized applications on a cluster of servers.

👉 The virtual machine takes much time to boot up and they have a separate kernel for each Machine, but in containers, we can launch a new OS within a second

👉 Openshift is an open-source container application platform provided by RedHat that runs on K8s for enterprise application deployment.

👉 S2I is a framework that is used to convert the source code into a new image that runs the application as an output.

👉 Service mesh controls the flow of data sharing in different parts of the application.

👉 Podman is a daemon-less, open-source, Linux-native tool designed to develop, manage, and run Open Container Initiative (OCI) containers and pods.

👉 Platform as a service is a category of Cloud Computing Services that provides a platform to customers to develop, run and manage their services. AWS, Azure, GCP are some of the cloud computing service providing companies.

👉 To deploy web app using OpenShift :

Create project > S2I appliation > Select Images > Github repo > Context-dir > Resources — deployment config > Create

Thank you Vimal Daga Sir, Preeti Chandak Mam, and LinuxWorld India for organizing such an informative event and making us future-ready!



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