Ajmal Muhammed

Hello everyone, in this article am showing how our team integrated different technologies with flutter. This is one of our teamwork for our summer program 2021.

🎯 Task 11 🎯
♦️ Team Task ♦️

⚡Description: Till date whatever we have learned in Flutter , is need to be implemented in some way integrating other technologies with it

⚡Hint: 1. Create attractive GUI
2. Make sure you implement other technologies if possible
3. Show your creativity (Optional: Animations,Responsive UI,DB connection ,etc)

Special Thanks to my team Yash Panchwatkar, Kartik Arora, Surayya Shaikh, and Nirali Arora for helping me in completing this task.

You can watch the demo here:

Thank you all!



Recently I attended a two-day workshop on JavaScript conducted by LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd delivered by the world record holder Vimal Daga sir. It is a great opportunity, by which I learned a lot of new concepts.

The concepts which are taught in the workshops are as follows:
◼ Introduction to Javascript
◼ BOM — Browser object model
◼ DOM — document object model
◼ Text to voice conversion
◼ Conditions and Loop in Javascript
◼ Integration of javascript with HTML and CSS
◼ Introduction to frontend and backend
◼ JS Synchronous and Asynchronous

Thank you Vimal Daga Sir, Preeti Chandak ma’am, and LinuxWorld India for providing this great opportunity to learn.